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Ranger Tactical – Body Armor

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When you work in a high-risk environment like law enforcement, you need to have essential items on you to ensure the safety and security of both yourself and the civilians you are serving to protect.

We at Ranger Tactical offer a wide variety of apparel and accessories that can aid you in getting the job done as safely and effectively as possible.

Our items are made from superior high quality materials that you can rely on in some of the harshest conditions.

Body Armor: Who Wears It?

Anyone who works for a police force, in security or on the range can benefit from wearing body armor. People in other fields such as park rangers can also wear them to protect themselves from unexpected attacks.

Body armor is ideal if you work in situations where you are at the risk of being shot – they cover your vital organs and reduce the risk of fatal injuries from handguns. They act as a line of defense and offer various levels of support depending on what you need it for.

Our Covert Level III A Armor Vest is not only sleek but also offers a high level of performance, offering protection for up to five years. It is made from cotton / polyester and features Velcro straps to ensure a precise fit.

This armor vest features:

  • A white internal carrier
  • Protection 357 SIG FMJ FN 125 gr. And .44
  • Magnum SJHO 240 gr.
  • Adjustable shoulder points
  • Adjustable waist points
  • Quick release for rapid removal if needed
  • Shirt tail extension for a secure fit
  • Soft Ballistic panels made with polymer and aramid composite

Our extensive background with corporate and government security and investigations informs all of the products we sell. We understand the need for protection and offer weekly deals to our customers.

Contact us for any further questions and stay safe!

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