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Global Ballistics Protection Market Set to Grow in Coming Years

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The Global Ballistics Protection Market is set to grow in the coming years, and demand is predicted to increase by large numbers. In essence, this boils down to body armour sales. Even though some categories of body armour have peaked in sales, the majority of categories are still expected to see increases in sales both to the public and to law enforcement. Companies like Ranger Tactical are important intermediaries between the public and the industries that drive the creation of these products. Here’s more on the findings.

Demand slated to increase

Whether due to recent terrorism scares, increased awareness of the needs of self-defence, or the increasing availability of affordable gear, the demand for body armour is expected to increase by approximately 5% per year between now and 2019. This is according to TechNavio, a global research firm.

Demand up heavily despite political uncertainty

Many members of the public are hesitant to buy certain things because they are either unaware of or scared of the future of laws governing the products. Certain provinces of Canada allow the purchase of body armour and others heavily restrict it. It’s up to you to know your province’s laws. Despite uncertainty about the future of laws governing the sale of armour, demand is still slated to increase. The demand isn’t just in North America either, nations like Germany and France seeing an increase in demand as well due to recent events.

What’s driving demand?

We’ve seen numerous terror incidents in Germany, France, and the United States in the last year, and there have even been some scares in normally peaceful areas. Other incidents such as criminal violence in large cities and domestic terror scares have increased the demand for body armour across North America. Couple that with civil unrest in many nations around the world and it’s easy to see why more and more people are buying products like the ones we sell. Security personnel, soldiers, police officers, and civilians alike are buying self-defence products more than ever before.

The market demand, despite uncertainty about future legislation, continues to be strong for self-defence products – particularly body armour. With a projected 5% growth year-over-year from now until 2019, we expect to see more civilians equipping themselves with the ballistic protection necessary to feel safe.

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