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Safety, Security, and Secrecy: Our Covert Level 3-A Armoured Vest


Body armour is a necessary protection against threats for law enforcement personnel and people working in high risk occupations. But what if you are in a profession that requires a certain appearance and you can’t necessarily wear large, easily-visible vests? Ranger Tactical offers covert body armour that can be worn more discreetly than other models - and it comes with many advantages.

The specifications

Covert armour comes with all of the protections of our normal vests, just in a more wearable form. We carry multiple different sizes of this flexible armour, and its design allows for greater range of movement, more flexibility, and discretion. Some of the specifications include:

●Protection 357 SIG FMJ FN 125 gr. and .44 magnum SJHP 240 gr.

●White internal carrier NIJ IIIA-0101, 06, other colours (i.e. blue) available too

●Adjustable shoulder points

●Quick release for rapid removal

●Ballistic protection guarantee for 5 years

Who uses it?

The uses of covert armour are many, but in general it is designed to provide a high level of security without sticking out. This allows the wearer to be protected but still maintain a low profile. Over the years, covert vests have also become more prized by various at-risk individuals because they allow them to stay safe but not have to adjust their look or lifestyle.

The Ranger Tactical guarantee

We want to provide the best body armour and self-defence products possible, and that is why we go to great lengths to help our customers get the best in the industry. When it comes to light-weight armour, this is a perfect model. It weighs less than 3kg, but is still capable of offering reliable protections to the wearer while not intervening with their daily life.

Combining safety, security, and discretion, our covert, lightweight armoured vest is one of the top models of body armour that we offer. Contact us today for more information.

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