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​Trauma Plates: Get the Extra Protection You Need


If you work in a high-risk occupation such as law enforcement, security, or the military, you need to make sure you’re as protected as possible. The highest quality protection is necessary for your personal safety and the safety of those around you. Increase your safety and security while on the job by adding a trauma plate to your protective body armour.

What is a Trauma Plate?

A trauma plate is an additional accessory that you wear inside an armoured vest for increased protection. The main job of a trauma plate is to absorb any additional kinetic force of a physical attack to keep your body out of harm’s way. Ranger Tactical offers a range of trauma plates to give you the extra security and support you need.

Level 3A Trauma Plate

The Level 3A Trauma Plate is a 7 inch by 8 inch protective plate made from semi-rigid Aramid fiber. It weight 0.303 kilos and has a protection level of NIJ3A 0101.06, making it the ideal trauma plate for people who want a slight increase in protection without adding extra heft to their body armour. Also available in 5 X 8 and 8 X 10 inch plates.

Level IIIA Light Weight Armour Plate

This 10 inch by 12 inch trauma plate protects against ballistic attack while providing the anti-trauma support you need. It’s made from a semi-rigid Aramid fiber composite with finished edges to guarantee your safety. These plates are finished with a polyurethane finish to protect against environmental damage and they come with a 5 year warranty, so you can rest assured that you’ll be protected for a long time to come.

When working in tactical and security operations, it’s important to keep yourself as safe as possible. Give yourself additional protection against the threat of harm by wearing a trauma plate from Ranger Tactical. Browse our complete line of body armour and accessories to find the tactical equipment that’s right for you. 

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