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​The Importance of Quality Self Defense Products


Sadly, violence is an increasing part of daily life. In a real-world attack, you only have an instant to react. Your actions (or inaction) could alter a life-or-death situation. Ranger Tactical can help you be prepared to handle and survive these situations with the right self defense products.

Products such as expandable batons, concealed carry holsters, and super-fast opening knives can be your protection in threatening situations. Here’s a closer look at a few quality products we offer:


Visibility is one of the best advantages in a crisis situation. Lack of visibility leaves you vulnerable to unsuspected attacks. Increase your safety at night by keeping a flashlight handy. Our FENIX TK 15 Tactical Flashlight features an LED light with a 50,000 hour lifespan, a deep-dish reflector for long-distance light beams, waterproof to 2 meters, and lanyards, holsters and keyrings for convenient placement.

OC Spray

OC spray is one of the most effective defenses against dangerous animals or violent attackers. It is a proven way to disorient and incapacitate a threatening force in order to restore order to a situation. The Body Guard Dog Repellent Pepper Spray from Ranger Tactical sprays up to a distance of seven feet, while utilizing the latest in safety technology to prevent accidental discharge.

Having a complete set of quality self defense products is important for any law enforcement or military officers. A good defense can be the difference between life and death. Take a look at Ranger Tactical’s full line of self defense products and services, including our Level 3 A Ballistic vehicle armour installation, and keep yourself protected in any situation. 

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