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Our Most Useful Self-Defense Products

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The chances of violence occurring in life are low, but citizens need to be prepared to defend themselves in case it does. It only takes one time for it to alter your life forever. Ranger Tactical stresses the importance of being equipped to deal with danger whether you are an outdoorsman trying to protect yourself from nature or a young person traveling in a strange place. The most useful self-defence products are also of our most popular. Here are a few that we recommend:

BODY GUARD stream repellent

The basic form of self defense, BODY GUARD stream repellent is a good place to start for anyone needing effective and fast protection. It’s great for runners, cyclists, late-night delivery people, and anyone who finds themselves in vulnerable situations regularly. This repellent sprays in a stream out to 10 feet, offers .50% pure capsaicin, and has a flip top for quick usage. You’ll never feel vulnerable with this body guard.

Expandable batons

Convenient to carry, yet effective in warding off attackers, expandable batons of various sizes are some of our most popular self-defence products. They are designed using heavy duty black steel and come with a rubberized handle that allows for a strong grip. The rounded tip creates maximum pressure without inflicting cuts, giving you the strength to fight off an attacker many times your size. Simply carrying one deters the majority of criminals.

NOTE: It is the buyer’s responsibility to check all Federal, State or Provincial laws governing the possession of expandable batons.

Cold Steel Survival Knife

No matter the task at hand, having some cold steel could make all of the difference. Our Cold Steel survival knife is our most versatile knife product, capable of withstanding extreme abuse. Designed specifically for survival and rescue operations, the knife can play many different roles when needed. The stainless steel blade is coated in Teflon is capable of cutting, skinning, and slashing - as well as self-defence when necessary.

Both in the city and in the wilderness, danger is a real threat. With our most useful self-defence products from Ranger Tactical you will be able to feel safe in even the most dangerous of situations. Don’t be a victim. Get the products you need.

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