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Keep Your Handguns Secure with Holsters From Ranger Tactical


Holsters provide a key role when it comes to safety: they are a convenient holding spot for handguns, and ensure that your handgun is by your side, secure, and available immediately if you need it. Here are some of the highest quality holsters available from Ranger Tactical that can assist you in any situation.

Covert Tri-Rig Holster

This three-part holster from Hellweg contains a baton case, handcuff case and an additional pouch for protective spray, flashlight, or other safety device in one belt plate. Made from heavy duty Cordura nylon, this holster is lightweight yet durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Perfect for people who use multiple piece of tactical equipment and need to keep their hands free, the Covert Tri-Rig Holster from Hellweg is one of the strongest holsters on the market today.

Hellweg Model 2020 - 2000 TSL Series

This innovative leather holster can be adapted to fit a number of handguns. The state-of-the-art rolling thumb lock system is design to allow for rapid access of your firearm when needed. The technologically advanced locking mechanism ensures that your handgun stays securely locked in place when in the holster to prevent any accidental falls or misuses. For complete security and protection, trust the Hellweg Model 2020 holster.

Hellweg Model 90RA - Universal Shoulder Holster

This holster can be adjusted to suit a number of handguns, making it one of our most popular models. The Hellweg Universal Shoulder holster is made for fine-grade leather, with an adjustable safety shoulder harness to keep your firearm close by your side. Your firearm is locked in with an innovative steel spring mechanism, ensuring complete security at all times.

Keep your handguns secure and protected with the latest in holsters from Ranger Tactical. Browse our full collection of holsters and mag pouches for more information about our high quality safety products. 

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Let Ranger Tactical be YOUR BEST DEFENCE

We are all aware of the intense economic and social concerns developing in every corner of the world, and we at Ranger recognize that preparation and readiness are key.No one seems to be immune this time.Take time to look over our line of equipment and products. And let Ranger Tactical be your Best Defence !

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